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Most of the rules that apply to incubating chicken eggs also apply to incubating duck eggs.

Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs, so the trays, which are kept in an incubator, will have larger sizes. The incubation period of ducks such as the Peking duck can take up to 28 days.

Muscovy duck eggs stay in the incubator for about 35 days.

The hatchability of FHE fertile duck eggs is 85-90%. To buy fertile duck eggs, you can reach us and learn all conditions and details.

Loss of Water During Incubation

As the duckling develops in the fertile egg, water loss occurs from the egg and an increase in the size of the air cell is observed. If the duckling is developing normally, the air cell should occupy about a third of the space inside the egg at 25 days of incubation. Duck eggs should lose about 14% of their weight at freezing, after 25 days.

Fertile Duck Eggs Storage

When eggs are stored before hatching, a temperature and humidity level is required to minimize egg spoilage. Whenever possible, store eggs at about 55 ° F (13 ° C) and 75% relative humidity. Leave the small end of the egg down.

Duck Hatchery

Efficient duck eggs can hatch with an incubator in about 28 days (depending on the type of duck). However, temperature and humidity must be measured continuously and kept at ambient temperature and humidity. For the most part, 3% loss of duck eggs, if they are stored 7 days before hatching; the loss of duck eggs stored for 14 days is 10%. You should place the eggs in the incubator within 1-3 days to avoid loss.


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Fertile Duck Eggs
Fertile Duck Eggs

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