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A chicken must mate with a rooster for its egg to form an embryo inside the egg. An unfertilized egg contains only the hen's genetic material, which means a chick will never hatch from that egg.


The chicken's genetic material is blastodisc, can be defined as a light-colored spot with irregular borders in an egg yolk. Each egg contains blastodisc. When the hen mates, the rooster's sperm penetrates the egg, and the blastodisc is fertilized after the blastoderm is formed. The blastoderm becomes a chick if the fertile chicken egg is incubated at the correct temperature and humidity levels.

For a fertile chicken egg to turn into a chick, it must stay  in the incubator an average of 21 days.

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Fertile eggs are tagged with the breed code to aid identity during hatching. We can send you fertile chicken eggs all year round. However, there may be some delays in cases where the weather conditions are not suitable. We assure you that the eggs will reach you without breaking.

Fertile chicken egg for sale's price is usually determined by the type of chicken from which the egg is produced.

How Are Chicken Eggs Fertilized?

A fertilized egg is formed by the mating of a fertile chicken and a rooster. The rooster's sperm is usually stored in the hen's storage pouch until the next egg is laid and the production of a new one begins.

To understand that an egg has been fertilized, you have to look at the microcracks in the shell and the air bladder. If there is a thin crack in the shell, it will prevent the chick from forming. Air bladder appears in a fertile egg, and if the air bladder is ruptured, this means that the chick will not form.


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Fertile Chicken Eggs
Fertile Chicken Eggs

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