We ship fertile pheasant eggs to you with an FHE guarantee. We fix the problems that may arise during transportation and deliver the healthy pheasant eggs to you.
If you are a pheasant producer, you can produce fertile pheasant eggs suitable for incubation in an average of 24-25 days. To make works easier for you, we will share hatching and storage instructions with you when we send the hatching eggs.


We cannot guarantee that all fertile eggs will hatch. It depends on the incubator and we have no control over the quality or maintenance of the incubator.

We guarantee that the eggs are true to breed diversity and will come in good condition. However, we cannot guarantee hatching at the time of shipment due to circumstances beyond our control and hatchery equipment or other methods used.

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Incubation of Pheasant Eggs

The incubation period of pheasant eggs is approximately 24-25 days. This time may vary depending on factors such as age and egg storage method, and especially the management of the incubator such as temperature and humidity.

Pheasants are not very large or active after hatching, they need some time to rest after they have used a large amount of energy to get out of their shells.

Pheasant eggs do not hatch like other poultry eggs in modern incubators. Hatching results are much better when using stagnant air machines.

The manufacturer's recommendations for the operation of incubators should always be followed. As a guide, the force drawing machines should operate at a temperature of approximately 37.5 ° C during incubation.

Correct moisture control is essential for pheasant eggs. For the first 21 days of incubation, the humidity should be about 65% (30.5 ° C wet bulb) and then increased to 90% (34 ° C wet bulb) until scanning is complete. Humidity readings can be obtained using a wet bulb.


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Fertile Pheasant Eggs
Fertile Pheasant Eggs

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