Fertile turkey eggs have an average incubation period of 18 days. FHE provides you with fertile turkey eggs for ships them to you in a way that prevents cracking during transportation.
FHE turkey hatching eggs are highly productive, but turkey hatchery yield may vary due to varying incubation conditions and incubation machine.
If you want to grow and sell your trust, we can provide you turkey hatching eggs you need. You can contact us to get information about price, quality, warranty, and incubation conditions of our fertile turkey eggs.


Turkey eggs have a high hatchability success rate when all species-specific brood areas are properly managed.

The turkey industry is also divided into different demands due to changing market requirements. Some markets prefer small-sized turkeys, some require medium-sized birds, others very large. These differences may require different temperature environments at the embryological stage.

To meet this, the eggshell temperature value, which is increased gradually and gradually from the beginning of the exothermic phase to the transfer phase, should be adjusted according to the size of the incubated turkey breed.

How Are Turkey Eggs Fertilized?

Many species-specific incubation requirements make the correct management of the incubator most critical. But mostly, turkeys have an incubation period of 28 days, with eggs needing to be turned over several times a day to help them grow.

For most turkey breeds, the incubation machine temperature should be 99.5 ° F (37.5 ° C) if the machine is a compressed air model, if the machine is a still air model the temperature should be set to 38.1 ° C (100.5 ° F).

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Fertile Turkey Eggs
Fertile Turkey Eggs

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