Today, with the rapid increase in goose production and the demand for geese, the number of people producing goose has also increased. Assuming that suitable conditions and environment are provided in goose production, the most important factor is the quality of the egg.
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About Geese Hatching Eggs

The hatching ability of geese hatching eggs is influenced by variables such as genetic, female age, sex ratio, yolk size, number of production cycles, temperature, light, nutrition, and compression status.

At the same time, the quality and quantity of sperm released by the male are also very important for hatchability.

Eggs, which heavier or lighter than the average geese hatching eggs, should not be preferred. The weight limit for geese hatching eggs suitable for hatching is 140 g for one-year-old geese and 150 g for two-year-old geese.

Incubation of Fertile Goose Eggs

During incubation, you must be paid great attention to the early embryonic life time and the time before the egg hatch. Deaths occur more during these stages.

In high production facilities, eggs should be stored before incubation. Pre-hatching eggs storage conditions are critical and have a significant impact on hatchability.

Eggs should be cleaned before storage. Cuticle removal requires a high concentration of chlorine. The cuticle is a protective barrier against contamination. Removing microorganisms alters the water vapor conductivity of the eggshell and increases embryo survival.

When the goose eggs are dirty, they should be gently washed in 38-40 ° C water with a sponge or brush, and then immersed in a 41-42 ° C disinfectant solution for 1-2 minutes.

10-17 ° C storage temperature and 55-75% relative humidity parameters are suitable for storage but may vary depending on time. If geese hatching eggs will store at a maximum of one week, it has to have at a storage temperature of 12-17°C. If geese hatching eggs will store a longer storage period, it has to be kept below 10°C.

The position of the eggs during storage is also important. The fact that the pointed ends of the eggs are facing down causes higher hatchability.

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Fertile Goose Eggs
Fertile Goose Eggs

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