Fertile Hatching Eggs has been supplying fertile poultry eggs for incubation to poultry producers since its establishment.
FHE takes care of the feeding, shelter, and other conditions of the animals for efficient egg production and does not send you eggs that are not sure of their reliability.
Our eggs, which are an 80% yield rate on average, may have different yield rates depending on the storage and incubation conditions.
FHE offers eggs for every type of poultry, from chicken hatching eggs to fertile duck eggs.


We take care to send the eggs to you fresh, right after spawning. You can store efficient eggs for an average of 3 days without putting them in the incubation machine. But it is important for efficiency to provide this storage under appropriate conditions.

While sending the eggs, we share the storage and incubation conditions with you. In this way, you provide a more precise production process.

Thanks to special shipping methods, we can ensure that the eggs reach you without cracks. We can help you with every poultry breed. You can reach the list of the types we offer by examining our products. You can ask us all your questions about incubation processes and the storage of eggs.

Fertile chicken eggs, bantam eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, guinea fowl eggs, peafowl eggs, pheasant eggs, pigeon eggs, quail eggs and turkey eggs are with you as soon as possible.

Write to us for egg productivity, prices, shipping terms and more.